Fentanyl Addiction Treatment – How it Works

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment – How it Works

There are many different types of addiction although they are all generally grouped together as one thing.  In some respects this is correct as, although the path to the addiction is different, the treatment needed is very similar.

However, assuming all drug addicts are the same is a huge mistake and makes for very ineffective treatment methods.  There are several stages of fentanyl addiction treatment which must be followed if you wish to successfully withdraw from the drug.  Some of these overlap with other drug treatments, but some do not.

Stage 1 – Admitting the Issue

The first stage of any addiction is to admit you have an issue.  This can be exceptionally difficult to do.  For many people their life becomes absorbed by the drug; their body craves it and needs the next hit.  This becomes their only aim in life.

When administering fentanyl addiction treatment it is worth recognizing that this type of addict is generally aware they have the issue but cannot stop taking the drug.  This will be either due to a fear of living with the pain; without the aid of the drug, or, it will be because they believe they are in control of everything; providing they have a regular shot of fentanyl.  This can make it exceptionally difficult to persuade them that they have an issue; especially as when they first start withdrawing the pain may be deliberating.

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Stage 2 – Assessment

The second stage of successful fentanyl addiction treatment is to get the addict to a professional; ideally a rehab clinic.  This will provide the opportunity to study the strength of the addiction, the amount of the drug being taken and even to discover what underlying issue first caused the need to take the drug.

This is an essential part of the fentanyl addiction treatment as it will help to shape the treatment program.

Stage 3 – Treatment

Once an addict has been assessed they can be admitted to a rehab clinic.  The recovery process can take an extended period of time.  Addicts should expect to take as much as a year.  The first stage of treatment will be to deal with replacing the fentanyl.  It is common to use methadone for this.  However, whilst this will replicate the high and can be gradually reduced to aid withdrawal; it cannot deal with the initial pain which the fentanyl was prescribed for.

To deal with this the addict will need to be assessed regularly.  This will monitor the changes in pain levels; assuming that the pain is still an issue.  It is possible that the original injury has healed and is no longer a pain issue.

Stage 4 – Follow Up

The process of treatment is generally slow; this helps to ensure a long term recovery without returning to the fentanyl addiction.  However, it is important to devise a good follow-up regime.  This will involve the drug rehab clinic and loved ones.  They will need to supply as much support as possible when needed to help the addict remain clean and away from the drugs.  Just one small amount can start the whole process again.


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