ANADROL in Men: Is it Safe?

ANADROL in Men: Is it Safe?

Men are less sensitive to steroid use. Are they exempted when it comes to  Anadrol side effects? Anadrol is a very strong steroid but is also widely used in the bodybuilding circle. It is very well known for its fast results in muscle gains. There are reports about how an Anadrol user gaining over 30lbs in just one cycle. However, like any other steroid, it comes with negative effects.

Anadrol has a very high toxicity rate. Damaging the liver is one of the most dreaded side effects of steroid use. But most users who have enjoyed the effects of Anadrol believe that these reported side effects are the case to case basis and are a rare occurrence. If you are new to Anadrol use, always educate yourself first. Learn all the information that you need about Anadrol its mechanism of action, how it reacts with the body systems, as well as its benefits and side effects.

The Safe Dosage for Men.

When you buy Anadrol tablets, they usually come in 50 mg doses. It has a half-life of hours and the most recommended are to take it daily for better results. For beginners, it is best to start at a 25 mg a day dose. Most users just split the tablet in half. As you start your Anadrol cycle, let your body adjust to the drug and build your dosage up. On the 6th week of your cycle, you can then move up to 50 mg per day. Most bodybuilders take 50 mg per day. Most experienced users can do as much as 100 mg a day. That’s it. No more than that for it can already cause adverse effects.

The Side Effects to Watch Out for.

Anadrol is popular not only with its benefits but also with its side effects. This is one of the most potent steroids in the market today. Even though it has a low androgenic rate, Anadrol user can still experience hair loss, acne, as well as excessive body growth. These are the most common side effects linked with Anadrol. If you visit bodybuilding websites and forums, most users share their experiences as well as photos of the negative effects. On the other hand, there are also serious side effects reported.

  • The toxicity level is so high that there is a possibility to damage the liver if not taken responsibly. Anadrol should be used for a maximum of 6 weeks and avoid alcohol intake to avoid liver damage.
  • Testosterone suppression is a known side effect of anabolic steroids. This can be remedied by incorporating it with exogenous testosterone.
  • Anadrol can also lower good cholesterol while increasing the bad cholesterol. For people who already have issues with their cholesterol levels, never use Anavar!

Anadrol is a very powerful steroid that promised impressive weight gains. However, it is also known that the side effects of using this steroid can be lethal. Since this drug is on the list of controlled substances, it is best to be extra careful in using this in your cycle. For beginners, get some advice from experienced bodybuilders. It is also a requirement for you to have optimum health for better end results.


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