Nature's Gate Organic Acne Treatment Kit

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Nature's Gate Organics Acne Treatment System with Oligopeptide-10 is a natural acne controlling system marketed with a combination of products like Paraben-free Salicylic Acid pimple remedy cleanser, Calming Toner with Oligopeptide-10, and Salicylic Acid pimple remedy lotion. These products are genuine and certified by dermatologists and acts as excellent remedy for controlling pimples. 


These products are designed with a mission to prevent future acne breakouts. All three products provide wonderful care to your skin. All the products are blended with approved organic and natural botanical ingredients. The combination of Oligopeptide-10 and Salicylic Acid attack bacteria while the other ingredients, like encapsulated Tea Tree essential oil and other botanical extracts, help to maintain perfect lively, scar-free, and radiant complexion. 


The Corrective Cleanser is mainly composed of Salicylic Acid and encapsulated essential Tea Tree oil which helps to shed off dead skin flakes and unclog pores. Calming Toner is composed of Oligopeptide-10, encapsulated Tea Tree oil and plant concentrates which supports to absolutely purify pores from contaminants. Controlling oil is blended with Oligopeptide-10 and Salicylic Acid which helps to inactivate pimple-causing bacteria and keep from happening coming up acne outbreaks. 


These products can be used by everyone regardless of their age. Generally acne eruptions begin unknowingly by the presence of bacteria, dead skin flakes and sebum. This clogs underneath the skin and emerges visibly as a blemish. This natural acne therapy supports to control acne by breaking pimple cycle under the skin and prevent it from happening on the skin surface. This helps to maintain perfect skin which is blemish-free.