LightStim Acne Light

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LightStim Acne Light




A different approach to acne therapy and prevention is found in the Lightstim Acne Light. This unique combination of red and blue LED (light emitting diode) illumination penetrates the skin and improves its health and look. Two basic processes begin with exposure to the light, both of which result in the elimination of acne today and the potential for acne tomorrow.




First, the blue lights act to kill the bacteria that causes the blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that characterize acne. Unlike topical cleaners or creams, the light simply penetrate into the skin layers, effectively destroying this destructive and disfiguring bacteria. Then, the red lights reduce inflammation, the swelling and redness seen with tough cases of acne.




The lights' effects do not end there, however. The LightStim acne Light actually provides skin the type of light energy healthy tissue needs to thrive, similarly to how sunlight offers plants the energy for photosynthesis. In contrast to sunlight, which has rays harmful to skin, the LightStim Acne Light emits only beneficial light. This type of light causes the deeper layers of skin to build new proteins, increasing the amount of collagen and elastin produced. The increased amount of collagen plumps the skin, eliminating or reducing fine lines, while the extra elastin improves the firmness of skin, reducing sagging and enhancing smoothness. The benefit to the skin is obvious as it appears clearer and more even, with better tone and elasticity.




Users of the LightStim swear by its effectiveness, documenting significant reduction in acne breakouts with continued use. Some acne sufferers have found they can discontinue oral medications. In addition to the acne control provided by the lights, the LightStim also acts to diminish and even eliminate the outward signs of acne scarring, as well as greatly reducing enlarged pores.The total effect of the use of LighStim Ace Light can be  a complete reversal of the acne breakout process.