Dermaclear Blue and Red LED Acne Light Therapy

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Results: Within 4 Weeks

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Dermaclear Blue and Red LED Acne Light Therapy is the most efficient and potent acne light therapy which works quickly and is said to resolve acne in only four weeks. It is certified by the FDA and proven that it is free from harmful UV radiation. Its use is limited to fifteen minutes per day and can successfully cast off bacterium which is responsible for development of irritating pimples. 




The britebox dermaclear consists of powerful acne light treatment lamp incorporated with 840 medical LEDs which emits light-waves to attack acne causing bacteria. It annihilates acne and minimizes the formation of scars. The Dermaclear is considered a natural acne remedy designed by joining blue and red LED technology and proven to be highly secure and potent in healing acne. First time users will be surprised by the sudden change brought about by this money back guaranteed acne therapy. 




Recent studies have discovered that light with a wavelength of 415 nm is away from the UV range and clinically proven to be safe and efficient for eliminating acne. The bacterium propion bacterium acnes generally secrete porphyrins which are capable of absorbing near UV and visible blue light spectrum. 




Acne Blue Light Therapy acts by exposing blue visible light of wavelength 415 nm to eventually excite porphyrins which results in oxygen production and finally killing the bacteria at the root. It also emits other light of wavelength 633 nm to activate cytokines which boosts fibroblast to release growth factors for ensuring quick healing and noticeable skin resistance to future breakouts. This tool will prevent blemishes, leaving clear, radiant and fair complexion for now and later.