Proactiv Plus Deluxe

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Results: 3-6 Weeks

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Proactiv Plus Deluxe acne treatment is a revolutionary acne skin care system discovered by millions to help fight breakouts and get clear skin. The Proactiv Plus Deluxe treatment is a dermatologist-developed, Combination Therapy system that helps the skin heal the blemishes you have now - and helps stop new ones from forming - in five quick, easy steps.

Renewing cleanser: This is the acne remedy designed with a special oil-free formula consisting of very small equable beads which shed off dead skin and remove other dirt. The cleanser passes through pores, kills bacteria, and annihilates acne eruptions very quickly.

Revitalizing toner: This is a rejuvenating, alcohol free, product which supports skin tone and exfoliation of dead skin. The toner leaves bright, lively skin. This product is compounded with special ingredients which help to maintain skin natural acids equilibrium. Witch hazel cleans pores, aloe and chamomile tranquilizes skin texture, and allantoin promotes the development of healthy tissue. It also helps to eliminate excess oil and retain moisture and keeps the skin soft and radiant.

Repairing treatment: This product consists of an oil-free solution which includes a fine grade benzoyl peroxide. This helps to mitigate blemishes and prevent future formations of breakouts. This effective repairing system gives protection to whole face.

Oil free moisturizer with SPF 15: This product is designed to use as an everyday moisturizer. It can be used by everyone regardless of skin type and helps in progressing the complexion and texture, giving a vigorous appeal. This is recommended to be used by acne sufferers every day. Its penetrating ability unclogs pores and SPF 15 formula protects from UV rays.

Daily oil control: This product helps to keep skin in equilibrium and luminous by removing oil and impurities from blocked pores. It is recommended for people possessing oily skin and desiring for radiant skin all the day.