Exposed Acne System

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Cleansing is the first step in a cure for pimples, and Exposed Skincare's Facial Cleanser clears away oil and dirt while going deep into pores to begin killing the acne-causing bacteria. By eliminating from its formulation irritants like lauryl and laureth sulfates and including Vitamin B 5, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and olive leaf extract, Exposed Skincare's Facial Cleanser pampers and soothes while it thoroughly cleans. This step readies the skin for the next step.

Preparing the skin further for treatment, Exposed Skincare's Clearing Tonic gently exfoliates skin and manages whiteheads and blackheads with a fresh blend of witch hazel and green tea, passion flower aloe leaf and sage extracts combined with salicylic acid. This unique blend normalizes the skin's PH balance without paraban. Once the tonic has done its work, step three will be even more effective.

The Acne Treatment Serum then penetrates the pores in step three with an acne fighting team of specially micro-encapsulated benzoyl peroxide and natural green tea and azelaic acid, killing acne bacteria and preventing it from re-forming. It does this without harshness and skin irritation so common in other products.

Overnight, Exposed Skincare's Clear Pore Serum continues to eliminate both blackheads and whiteheads while healing and renewing the skin with licorice root, green tea and hydroxy complex. This fourth step is key in eliminating current and preventing future breakouts.

This cloth is an innovative, non-chemical way to exfoliate and improve skin tone. This microdermabrasion cloth works hard to remove the dirt, oil, makeup and dead skill cells that cloud the newer, fresher skin on the face. It is also a very effective means to remove blackheads and whiteheads without additional chemicals. Use with the Facial Cleanser to really prepare for success.

This oil-free, lightweight moisturizer keeps skin hydrated and feeling smooth and fresh. Its combination of pumpkin seed, vitamin E, green tea and citrus extracts and effective moisturizers helps healthy skin stay that way. 

The Expanded 6 Piece Kit gives acne sufferers not only proven treatment and protection from future skin issues, the products are combined with the efficiency of a total system in mind. Plus, the Expanded 6 Piece Pack also combines effective treatment and convenience with a significant cost savings. Exposed Skincare is a proven cure for pimples, in an easy to use 6 Piece Kit.