Dr. Kern's Beauty Skin Acne Treatment Light

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Dr. Kern Beauty Skin Acne Treatment Light an efficient method for beautifying blackhead and acne-prone skin. It is clinically approved as safe and effective by dermatological institute of the Hammersmith Hospital in London. It deploys visible light which is electromagnetic in nature with a wavelength ranging from 380 to 760 nm. This treatment emits waves in the upper and lower wavelength of the visible light spectrum and does not include harmful rays which have adverse effects, like sunburns. 

Dr. Kerns Beauty skin acne treatment light is designed to emit positive non harmful rays that have a positive effect on human skin. Typically normal skin consists of many types of bacteria. In the case of healthy skin, the oxygen penetrates the unblocked pores which will disrupt the growth of bacteria. When the pores get clogged because of shedding of dead skin, the internal environment becomes anaerobic and supports for vigorous growth of bacteria.  These conditions result in the development of acne. The blue light, with a wavelength of 415 nm when exposed on the skin, will attack bacterial growth by creating an oxygen rich environment internally and completely annihilate pimple outbreaks. This blue rays along with red light minimizes skin swellings and calms the skin. 

Dr Kerns Beauty Skin Acne Treatment Light is recommended to use daily for 15 minutes. Even after the complete disappearance of blemishes it should be used for 4 more weeks, two times a week to ensure regular maintenance. This product has been known to show great results. It competes with other light therapies in safety and efficacy. It has also been known to show improvement after the first treatment, but takes some time to completely rid your acne.